Virgo. Horoscope for the current week



24 Aug - 23 Sep

From 20 янв to 26 янв

Business Horoscope

This week you will be a financial lull, so try to buy only what you need. And don't waste your money on trifles. Thursday avoid invitations from strangers. Weekend try to restore order in the house.

Common horoscope

This week is a good time for reconciliation with enemies and gaining new friends. Sincerity, kindness and generosity will bring you unexpected success. Monday and Tuesday it is necessary to temporarily narrow the circle, do not waste power on chatter. On Thursday, your desires will be fulfilled, if they are not quite fantastic. The motto on Friday: "Peace and calm", no matter what happens, keep calm.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Be sensitive, be able to foresee the consequences of your words and actions. Meeting with your lover can go not as we would like. If you reduce your ambitions, think about a reasonable compromise, it will benefit your relationship.

Horoscope of health

Now you would do well to heed the advice. The main thing – to choose the right advisers. You should not rely on the opinion of "the grandmothers from the bench at the door" - even if you really respect and love these old lady. Much better to seek the advice of to specialists. However, one of the ladies noticed that you look pale or dull or completely ceased to walk might give you the right idea. So it is to refuse to communicate with them is not necessary.

Car horoscope

Intensive movement on motor transport (including taxis and, by the way) it is better to postpone for the weekend. Weekdays will be too tense and even dangerous. If you go still have, do not forget to fasten the seat belt.

Horoscope of beauty

This week you need to sleep more, to relax and to walk. Then you will look good and fresh. And if you would be to stay at work and hang out half the night with friends, then crumpled appearance you provided.

Erotic horoscope

For you fate has prepared a surprise associated with travel and ancient erotic secrets. What is a surprise, we will not tell, otherwise it will not work. Most importantly, keep the thrill of expectation and be prepared fully prepared to meet all decide to please the ubiquitous Eros and Aphrodite..

Jewelry horoscope

This week the stars advise you to get a pendant made of peridot. This stone will give you an opportunity under any circumstances, to maintain harmony with yourself, love in the family and to improve mutual understanding. Also talisman from peridot will be a great help in situations where you will need to make difficult decisions.

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