Virgo. Horoscope for the current week



24 Aug - 23 Sep

From 26 авг to 01 сен

Business Horoscope

Serious purchase, is scheduled on Monday, it is better to postpone to another day. On Thursday you will have to defend their opinion at the meeting, be prepared. On Sunday, try not to have Affairs with other people's money - especially borrowed.

Common horoscope

This week you need to show yourself, so much so that you noticed and supported by those from whom you could get help soon. Monday don't be shy when case is correct to highlight your indispensability at work. Wednesday do not be silent and do not be shy, chat, you will need information and a good way to get to speak frankly with colleagues. On Thursday, do not plan anything serious, it is better to understand with unfinished small business.

Horoscope "Family, love"

The week promises to be full of various events. Will they be pleasant and romantic, depends on you. On Saturday, it is desirable to be alone, to calm down and realize the reasons for their failures. Sunday is a great day for meetings.

Horoscope of health

Now be careful of those who simultaneously adopt different potions and pills. Not all medicines combine well with each other, it is necessary to take into account. Do not hide from your doctor no information – even tell him about vitamins or food supplements assets. This will help to correctly pick up the medicine for you – and help your body cope with the disease, not overloading him and causing him harm.

Car horoscope

Week for drivers is quite complicated. It might be the machine itself? Taxied to the car wash, to a mechanic you trust. For confidence in the operability of the vehicle and you can pay.

Horoscope of beauty

The coming week will be very favorable for the representatives of this sign. No matter how little you slept and no matter what I ate, look will still be perfectly. So now you can finally have fun and go out on a few parties or presentations with cocktails.

Erotic horoscope

Virgo will tend to be jealous of all and at the slightest trifling matter. If you're willing to throw your cat outside just because it rubbed on the legs coming salt of a neighbor, what does that say about your life partner! This gentle idiot got the neighbor to kiss on the cheek...

Jewelry horoscope

Throughout the week, representatives of your sign would be good to wear jewelry with tiger eye. This stone will increase your intuition and will allow us to distinguish lies from truth, sincere admiration from flattery, honesty from manipulation.

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