Virgo. Horoscope for the current week



24 Aug - 23 Sep

From 14 окт to 20 окт

Business Horoscope

Plan your financial costs, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to your wallet. However, not worth too much to save. Pay attention to the business cooperation with foreign firms, it promises tempting perspectives, though not immediately.

Common horoscope

This week it makes sense to think about increasing income and new job. Now is a favorable time to begin the accumulation of large capital. In all his Affairs you can get invaluable help from the family. Avoid being alone, be more on people, with friends, make new friends and develop old relationships. Not necessary to adjust plans, trying to bring everything to perfection, you can go endlessly to no avail.

Horoscope "Family, love"

His magnetic, charming look and you will be able to charm anyone. Just try not to be arrogant and not to demonstrate how easy it was to do, and the success is guaranteed. There is a possibility to upgrade old love relationship.

Horoscope of health

This week you will be tired much more than usual – the most simple, routine actions would be extremely tedious for you, you will begin to nod and make stupid mistakes. The stars say, you need more rest – ideally, to go on vacation, change of scenery, a good night's sleep, to breathe in the fresh air. Try to rid yourself of any commitments, do not plan – listen to yourself and do not contradict their needs.

Car horoscope

Week threatens to bring your car from a few minor problems. And not to ignore them will not work. If that does not solve the problem immediately, and then have to pay for big repairs.

Horoscope of beauty

Quite possibly, the next few days you choose to spend during the journey. The stars advise not drastically change the climate. And not to forget the creams from the sun. Because the sea in Egypt or in the ski resorts and now you can get burnt.

Erotic horoscope

It is possible that the satellites have problems with premature ejaculation – which is not surprising, considering how stunning you now look. And to solve the problem somewhat able ablution member of your blessed before the next sexual act – especially when you add in the water a couple of drops of menthol and mint oils...

Jewelry horoscope

It is not excluded that during the coming weeks you will have to endure a temporary separation from a loved one. For example, circumstances will force you to go on a business trip or your "half" will need urgently to fly somewhere. Wear a ring or bracelet with almandine, and then it will be easier to cope with the sadness caused by parting. This stone helps you trust more and less jealous.

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