Scorpio. Horoscope for the current week



24 Oct - 22 Nov

From 20 май to 26 май

Business Horoscope

Financial position this week is stable. Income clearly outweigh the costs. Wednesday may even need to make serious decisions in business. Bosses, customers and partners will be satisfied with your work.

Common horoscope

Trying to ignore all of your problems can build them in a square. But you will be able to solve them quickly, as soon as acknowledge. Feel free to Express your feelings and your passion, which is now full of your soul. The environment is favorable for new beginnings and submission to the submission to the superiors of their plans and projects. On Sunday you will have to understand the complex relations with family, try not to let emotions get the.

Horoscope "Family, love"

In the coming days, it would make a nice surprises and gifts for a loved one. Privacy, likely early in the week, will allow you to gather your thoughts and understand your feelings and desires. Frankly Declaration of love.

Horoscope of health

It would be good if you do not leave yourself to organize, then at least to avoid fatigue. Sericites from evening sticking out in front of the TV or computer screen. Lie down, to sleep better. Even if for the sake of how to sleep, you will have to seriously change your mode and give up some plans.

Car horoscope

Good for motorists week. You feel confident behind the wheel and drive carefully. So you can drive around at your leisure at any distance and to bring family and friends.

Horoscope of beauty

This week you can forget about the diets. Business activity and a positive attitude, love and walking under the moon - enough to maintain good form. So that they can show off their culinary talents and surprise yourself and your family with delicious dishes.

Erotic horoscope

Amazing sense of rhythm and harmony with the natural pulse of the universe – is a Royal gift stars the Scorpions. Try to use it on purpose – the best option would be a joint dance classes: club, Irish, Latin American, and, of course, marriage. Your task is to feel your body and weave them so that the juices mixed with each other, and all the swollen buds ready to bloom...

Jewelry horoscope

This week will require you to take on full responsibility. From you must come the initiative in business and personal life. Wear blue Topaz. They will add you energy, strength and positivity that you can share with loved ones.

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