Scorpio. Horoscope for the current week



24 Oct - 22 Nov

From 18 мрт to 24 мрт

Business Horoscope

Financial position does not cause special anxiety. You even get additional profit. And most importantly - ensure loyalty and respect from business partners, colleagues and superiors. Sunday is the day for bargain and quality shopping.

Common horoscope

This week keep calm and self-confidence. Professional and financial businesses to improve thanks to your perseverance and dedication. There is a desire to change not only its image but also its internal state. You obviously inspire a loved one. Be straight with him. Your love feelings are mutual. Initiatives Tuesday will succeed if we manage to curb the nervousness and do not work beyond measure. On Saturday, before something to solve, or to undertake, exercise restraint and discretion.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Less talk, more kiss. You are in the midst of a stormy and passionate affair. Enjoy this mutual attraction and a fountain of boiling emotions. Waiting for you a real pleasure.

Horoscope of health

This week the stars recommend you to limit the use of coffee and strong tea and drink more of the ordinary pure water without any additives. A different regime may lead to dehydration – which in winter is particularly unpleasant and even dangerous. If you are prone to edema – decrease the amount of salt in the diet. Try to move more – physical activity helps to activate all the important processes in the body.

Car horoscope

Be careful. The long-familiar routes possible substantial changes. In particular, it concerns the characters. So don't be surprised if the road that yesterday was home, suddenly will be a minor or closed for repairs. However, you will quickly find a detour.

Horoscope of beauty

Dissatisfaction will pass. You feel successful, needed and desired. Self-esteem grows, you again feel the taste of life and love. Right now you need to choose a new fragrance - a delicate, light, spring.

Erotic horoscope

Sex addiction Scorpions lie in inaccessible to most other people's spheres – the aesthetic pleasures and art. Simply put, you are ready to choose a trip to the Museum or exhibition as long as the physical act of love. However, it is quite justified: the exhibition in any case be more pleasant and useful.

Jewelry horoscope

You are now in good shape and positive. Share this with your lover, make him a nice gift: a ring, cuff links, key chain. Of what metal is or what stones will present, not so important. The main thing – to feel the positive energy things you intend to purchase.

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