Sagittarius. Horoscope for the current week



23 Nov - 21 Dec

From 26 авг to 01 сен

Business Horoscope

On Monday, it is not necessary to chase the big dividends, it is better to prefer less profitable but more reliable way. On Friday or Saturday for a possible new cash flows. On Sunday be careful, you can try to engage in the adventure.

Common horoscope

The first half of the week is good for implementing plans and achieving goals. But don't stop when all planned will be done. Rest later, and the remaining time to better use to solve a pair of three tasks. Because right now you have the power and the passion. On the weekend it is advisable not to plan important things. The impressions will be misleading, seemingly you trusted threatens to be quite different.

Horoscope "Family, love"

It is not necessary to publicize the details of his personal life. Too much talk this week can destroy even long-standing relationship. A romantic dinner is better to plan for the weekend. And make it in the restaurant.

Horoscope of health

Your digestive system first and foremost, the stomach – are now particularly vulnerable. This week possible sharp pain in the abdomen, caused by acute gastritis or peptic ulcer disease. Stars recommend you to take the necessary precautions. Give up fatty, salty, pickled foods; refrain from the exotic food. Let your menu is simple – to enjoy a variety of delicacies you will have time when things go back to normal.

Car horoscope

You seem to be inherent confusion from the side looks like extravagance. It should be noted, is not too compatible with the rules of the road. Turn left from the right lane, of course, will attract attention to you. That's only worth it to achieve it this way?

Horoscope of beauty

In the coming days representatives of this sign will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Work will be less, so you will have free time to do them. Be sure to use the current situation: go shopping, go to yoga, go for a bike ride.

Erotic horoscope

Open wide eyes and carefully look for new people in your surroundings. Stars give a clear indication that among them there is the man who is burning to you burning his identity passion. Don't be too harsh and give the poor guy some hope- or he'll dry up, and then it is certainly no hankering. Why do you need extra remorse?

Jewelry horoscope

This week you will doubt everything, to let go and too much to be lazy. The stars advise you to wear corals, they will add to you energy and confidence. After all, now is the time for action.

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