Pisces. Horoscope for the current week



20 Feb - 20 Mar

From 14 окт to 20 окт

Business Horoscope

This week you can expect a financial lull, so you should not squander money unnecessarily. Tuesday and Wednesday will bring a lot of work, hustle and bustle, the main thing - not to despair and not to give up. On Friday, it is not necessary to carry large amounts, you'll be too scattered.

Common horoscope

This week is special attention paid to career growth, as there may be a very attractive proposition. However, have to work harder. To succeed, you need to consider: what will you say what you have the image. But with risky plans and actions it is advisable to wait. To much without thorough analysis and calculation will not work. Try not to throw the work for your personal life.

Horoscope "Family, love"

You have the chance to radically change their relationship, an important conversation will offer new ways to see and understand each other. Monday and Thursday will be successful meeting and Dating. But do not forget about the job, immersing themselves in their passionate affair. Saturday to spend in solitude, on this day, dedicate yourself more time.

Horoscope of health

This week, representatives of your sign should be devoted to recuperation, both physical and psychological. The stars say, you need a holiday in peace and quiet. Avoid stress. Refrain from noisy activities and parties. A perfect option for you is to take a vacation and go somewhere in the boarding house or sanatorium, to the country. If this is not possible – reduce the maximum load and intensity of communication; if possible, arrange a week without reading.

Car horoscope

It is possible that one of these days this week you'll need to use the spare tire. So it doesn't cause a problem, better make sure it is working correctly. Well, or at least that you have it all there. The same can be said of the Jack and pump. At least look in the trunk.

Horoscope of beauty

In recent years a huge amount of work never left you even a minute to do them? But that period has almost come to an end, and you can gradually "release the reins". Start with a hike in the fashion stores, but not in solitude but in the company of a friend who knows how to look at everything with humor. This will help you to relax and make a really needed and a good purchase.

Erotic horoscope

Instability the inner world of Fish will lead to the fact that they are in the intimate sphere will be picky and "capricious". Your heart friend could just get out of the way, trying to understand what you want darling, and how to please you better. And you, among other things, a long time ago similar "feats" didn't commit!

Jewelry horoscope

Looks like you have something important and difficult negotiations, a meeting or finding a new job. Wear jewellery made of onyx, which in ancient times was called the "stone of leaders". Due to its properties, onyx will give you confidence, add irony and analytical skills and is even in some way help to power.

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