Pisces. Horoscope for the current week



20 Feb - 20 Mar

From 14 янв to 20 янв

Business Horoscope

Should think about consolidating your financial situation. You don't seem too bothered at work. The boss sees it and can leave you without a prize.

Common horoscope

Try to temper their ambitions. This week you will be too emotional and unrestrained, to someone seriously. At the same time, you will have the chance to rally friends and associates. At work change is coming, you should adequately assess the situation and find constructive methods for improvement.

Horoscope "Family, love"

You are attractive and romantic, but too incredulous. Try not to be offended over nothing on a loved one, these little things are not worth your attention. Saturday and Sunday are good for romantic meetings.

Horoscope of health

You can easily catch a cold if you don't begin to take into account weather conditions and learn to dress in accordance with them. Now for you not so dangerous hypothermia, overheating – the stars say for you it would be best to choose something familiar is easier than to wrap up. Pay special attention to the shoes – your feet should stay dry. Prevention can start taking vitamins but don't overdo it, otherwise, do not exclude an allergic reaction.

Car horoscope

Ride this week is better in the company of good friends. One will be boring, besides, who is going to push you out of a snowdrift? You are not going to enter it? Alas, the winter weather can throw up problems.

Horoscope of beauty

In the coming days you will have to endure the whims of friends and relatives. Someone will need your help in choosing a new dress, someone will need to write to the nutritionist, and someone to go to a boring party. However, by helping others, you will feel their necessity.

Erotic horoscope

The stars foretell the Fish that in the next few days they can become a victim of intrigues by their loved ones or those in heavily stuffed. It is not excluded that similar interest to your person is associated not with the overwhelming desire to drag you to bed, and with "military secrets", access to which you have. Or even high position permanent partner whom someone wants to be able to blackmail...

Jewelry horoscope

The stars advise you to acquire product from a stone called seraphinit, which is a great mascot for everyone who cares about the welfare of his home and loved ones. Seraphinit attracts the house owner financial stability and contributes to the preservation of family happiness.

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