Libra. Horoscope for the current week



24 Sep - 23 Oct

From 24 июн to 30 июн

Business Horoscope

Be careful and cautious in their actions, otherwise you risk losing your reputation. Don't be lazy and not to shirk work. On Thursday one should not tempt fate, getting involved in dubious undertakings that will lead to financial ruin.

Common horoscope

This week you just need to focus on the Essentials and not wasting time on the solution of minor problems. It is advisable to increase your activity and enterprise were not made into imitation of rough activity. Try not to argue with the boss and not to criticize colleagues. The family should not always obey, your opinion should count for something.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Life is theatre and people in it - actors, You are of course aware of these things. Just do not get carried away, better not to beat. Especially dangerous in this respect, Tuesday and Wednesday, when emotions are boiling too much. It is important to be honest with each other, and not to wear a mask.

Horoscope of health

A suitable week, just to engage in exterior. It would be better, of course, their own, but if it is the spirit is not enough, you can work out at close. If measures to improve the condition of skin, shape and hair quality are not willing yet to bring visible results, ask for help to the achievements of cosmetic and tailoring industries — you'll certainly need to like myself.

Car horoscope

Do not try to climb up to where the climb difficult. This also applies to Parking and traffic. Otherwise there is a real risk to posshibat mirror other machines, and most get scratched can.

Horoscope of beauty

Any strict boring of outfits and colors! Summer is a time of lightness and brightness. Wear skirts and sundresses. Choose pale pink, pistachio and turquoise colors, such as shades of shoes and bags.

Erotic horoscope

Your most sensitive erotic zone in the next few days – it's fingers as legs and arms. Agree with your companion to play manicure-pedicure room, which comes in one very famous movie star (of course you). Now, she comes, so cute and her master begins to cut nails, to undermine, to soften and caress. Yes, in the eyes accidentally glance...

Jewelry horoscope

Predictably, by mid-week, Libra will feel fatigue, but how to relax them, unfortunately, will not have for quite some time. To hold out at least until the weekend, think of the stone called beryl. This mineral will share with you energy, and give a moral force to bring the started work to the end.

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