Libra. Horoscope for the current week



24 Sep - 23 Oct

From 20 янв to 26 янв

Business Horoscope

Balance their desires with the possibilities. The lack of work will not have to complain, but it is possible some problems with financial stability. The authorities did not always fulfill its promises. Do not believe the words, require clear facts and certainty. This weekend try not to get involved in an adventurous story.

Common horoscope

You can expect success in the professional field and in business. The scope of work for the week will not surprise you and not afraid. I can disappoint only the results of labor, but you're too critical of yourself. Be objective. Tuesday - good day for risk and quick decision-making. On Wednesday you can feel the tension in the team. Better to remain silent than to sort things out. Spend one weekend out of town, go skiing.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Try not to forget about the interests of the elect. On Tuesday and Friday may be differences of opinion, as, creating the plans for the weekend, you forgot to consult with those whom they also relate. This could cause sincere indignation.

Horoscope of health

This week is very traumatic, you need to be extremely careful when dealing with heavy, sharp, hot objects. Each of them can hurt you – and there is a possibility that some particularly sloppy representatives of the sign will even go to the hospital. Avoid situations that may result in a problem; do not cook your food, refrain from repairs and crafts.

Car horoscope

This week will not be easy, but heroically overcome difficulties - is your calling. The main thing - speed before the next challenge don't forget to reduce, and in fact, and can blow a fuse. The road is slippery.

Horoscope of beauty

This week your imagination is downright swing. So try a bold, fashionable combinations of clothing. For example, the volume of the top and narrower bottom. Or a pleated skirt with a tight turtleneck. Stars no doubt: you are sure to find something fresh and original.

Erotic horoscope

Scales is actively sacrifice to the gods – and not only gods love, but the patrons of hunting. Because soon they will be out on the unprecedented hunt for the opposite sex. In the meantime, the hour is not broke – sedarebiti heavenly, the Almighty...

Jewelry horoscope

A strange week. On the one hand, it is very favourable to buy all kinds of jewelry, especially gold. On the other, to wear any jewelry in the coming days is not recommended. Except it didn't hurt.

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