Libra. Horoscope for the current week



24 Sep - 23 Oct

From 26 авг to 01 сен

Business Horoscope

Your financial capabilities are severely limited, and you have to accept as inevitable fact. Be careful on trips, take care of your wallet. A small but necessary purchases will be successful on Friday and Sunday.

Common horoscope

This week, you may need to begin to build relationships or career over again, destroying what bothered and bothers. New ideas however, do not immediately realize this, you must first of all analyze and consider the consequences. The future has a few hazy shapes, which can not cause you some confusion. But if you do not work on his approach, it will escape and leave the bitter disappointment of unfulfilled hopes and missed opportunities.

Horoscope "Family, love"

You'll be prone to create the aura of mystery around his person. It is useful, but it is necessary to know the measure. Otherwise, you will poison fog so that you simply will not find. And the output will stop looking altogether by doing more useful things.

Horoscope of health

You may find that the assigned treatment does not give adequate results. The stars say, you should trust leading you by the doctor and continue to follow his recommendations. If you "prescribed" yourself drugs themselves – in this case to refer to specialists needed. Most likely, you developed scheme should be adjusted to make it until the trouble began. Do not be nervous and do not worry – at the moment everything is fixable.

Car horoscope

Avoid random passengers and motorcyclists. Don't forget to slow down before pedestrian crossings. For long-distance trips better suited to a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Horoscope of beauty

The conspiracies and intrigues at work may help you climb the corporate ladder, but takes a lot of energy, deprive of energy and attraction. It is possible that, having achieved at the cost of enormous efforts, you will find that your strongest feeling is disappointment. Much nicer just to chat with people and not try to manipulate them.

Erotic horoscope

To your address shown signs of attention, anyone who is handy, but legitimate partners. Of course, it's a shame, so you have every right to be flirt right and left, not thinking about the consequences of their actions. They will come later.

Jewelry horoscope

This week to refrain from committing the not-too-reasonable actions you will be difficult, too great a temptation. Wear the pendant or the pendant of set in silver abalone is the shell of a marine mollusk. Haliotis will create around you a favourable atmosphere and will be an excellent talisman against negative energy of others.

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