Leo. Horoscope for the current week



24 Jul - 23 Aug

From 14 окт to 20 окт

Business Horoscope

On Tuesday, it is advisable not to argue with the boss, you better find a compromise. Thursday probable long-awaited financial flows. But closer to the weekend possible financial difficulties associated with unexpected expenses.

Common horoscope

You're a bit nervous, but don't let emotions win and prove who the real master of the situation. Try to understand the situation and understand that you are not happy at work or in your personal life. You have a chance to fix a couple of accumulated over the recent mistakes that will make you feel light and free. It is not excluded conflicts with children or with parents. But it is better to understand the situation than to business as usual.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Try not to get annoyed at the petty remarks of a loved one, turn criticism into a joke, and then you will not have serious disagreements. Pay attention to children, they are in a difficult period. They need your help.

Horoscope of health

Your skin this week will be particularly sensitive to environmental factors. It can damage the wind and moisture, and not too high quality cosmetics. The stars recommend you especially take care to protect face and hands from the adverse effects.

Car horoscope

Be careful on the roads. Watch carefully the maneuvers of other road users and anticipate their rapid rebuild. It is advisable to keep in mind the worst possible scenarios.

Horoscope of beauty

Choosing within the coming weeks new products skin care, be sure to focus on your age. No matter how old you look, what matters is how much you get on the passport. Do not look at the lotions and tonics for Teens, if you're over thirty. You're not going to get rid of acne? Refrain from creams that promises to quickly get rid of wrinkles if the wrinkles are still not in sight.

Erotic horoscope

To revive old sometimes very useful and sometimes also very exciting. At least you have a great chance to test this assertion for yourself. After all, the stars advise you one way or another to adopt the sexual experience of the older generations. So either run to the grandmother, either immediately open the "Domostroy"!

Jewelry horoscope

The lions this week will easily get rid of all that feel superfluous. Is only how to think, not to overdo it. On the other hand, once in the head, doubt in need of an object, jewelry or people, so this is no accident. But God forbid you to direct an audit of Granny jewelry. The fact that they seem somewhat archaic - is still not a reason to update the collection, pre-assigning "junk" in Lombard. Appreciate family history.

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