Leo. Horoscope for the current week



24 Jul - 23 Aug

From 26 авг to 01 сен

Business Horoscope

At work the possible changes. Do not jump to conclusions. Loans are not take time. In environment friendliness. On Saturday don't waste too much money on entertainment.

Common horoscope

Intuition - your faithful and reliable friend this week. Should learn to trust her, at least for this period. It is possible to participate in any new projects. However, do not plan excessive loading on the work, dedicate time to developing plans for the near future. Don't rush things and don't try to do ten things at once. On Wednesday you may find that you feel the calm before the storm. It is possible that the way it is, gain strength and rest to make it easier to control myself when she comes.

Horoscope "Family, love"

You're way too romantic than a pretty tire partner. It is possible that your mood is not quite properly understood. Stop in the clouds.

Horoscope of health

Try not to SuperCool, protect themselves from the cold. Wednesday is not recommended to drink plenty of fluids, eat coarse food and meds. On Friday, there is the risk to overeat.

Car horoscope

Planning your departure, keep in mind that if you fail to go on Tuesday, it is better to delay the start until Friday. Be especially careful on the road on Wednesday - the day may be too stressful.

Horoscope of beauty

This week be sure to try something new for the shower and bath. Especially if in the evening you began to feel too much fatigue. Add the water a drop of almond oil, it will soothe and prepare for sleep. Can't hurt to drink tea with honey and ginger for the night.

Erotic horoscope

Today you are expected by various shocks associated with clothes, especially blue. Moreover, these shocks are good, for example, it is possible that invited you out on a date the man will be dressed as once in a blue sweater or blue jeans. Accordingly, the more wonderful you will look in all shades of blue!

Jewelry horoscope

The lions in the coming days, will approach stones that enhance creativity. In addition, you will need a highly artistic way (well, long scarf, hat, the pensive look of a gaunt and somewhat creative throwing person). However, if your talent lies in some other field, wear opals. This stone helps those who wants inspiration.

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