Leo. Horoscope for the current week



24 Jul - 23 Aug

From 20 янв to 26 янв

Business Horoscope

The financial sector now does not cause special anxiety. Wednesday and Thursday are good for deals and finding a new job. These days can be a turning point in the sense of your business prospects.

Common horoscope

Week is favorable for new businesses, finding partners and associates. The only thing that can dampen your mood, it delays and misunderstandings, so try to calculate the time associated with travel and movement "with reserve". And in conversations and public speeches is not desirable to abuse jokes. Love is not always conducive to concentration at work. Your motto this weekend: "to keep the Golden mean".

Horoscope "Family, love"

Try to keep your emotional balance. And if you make a mistake in relations with your loved one, fix it immediately, yet he's not offended. Friday and Sunday are favorable for meetings and visits.

Horoscope of health

You are tired but don't want to show that weak, not willing to ask for help. The stars say, pride can play with you bad joke. You do not notice vigorita to the bottom and you will no longer deal with the tasks that yesterday clicked like nuts. To maintain yourself in the form you need vitamins, fresh air and rest, and rest is not only passive, but active. Discipline yourself to do exercises or Jogging in the morning.

Car horoscope

This week as a driver you are out of the competition. Wherever and whenever you go everything will be on time, to the point and "green light." Especially if you have a new car. Used not hurt to show the mechanics.

Horoscope of beauty

The probability is that you suddenly decide to invite to his home a group of friends. In this case, stars advise you to cook the original meal. Try to make at your Desk as much as possible vegetable and fruit salads, sauces and serve separately so that guests were able to choose what salad - olive oil or pumpkin or teriyaki sauce.

Erotic horoscope

Your partners are ready to offer you something unusual, radical and somewhat offensive to you. For example, to enlarge breast with surgery – quite shocking news, isn't it? Although, of course, you can always pay him back the same coin, and to tell you about is on penis enlargement, what you saw in the newspaper.

Jewelry horoscope

This week the stars recommend you to pay attention to eudialyte is a stone that is ideal representatives of your Zodiac sign. With the help of this mineral you will be able to cope with the depression and once again feel confident in their own abilities. And there to victories in the neighborhood.

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