Gemini. Horoscope for the current week



22 May - 21 Jun

From 20 янв to 26 янв

Business Horoscope

You are waiting for lucrative projects and new interesting business proposals. Get creative, act outside the box, and you will succeed. And be able to please yourself and your loved ones a nice gift.

Common horoscope

Hard work in the beginning of the week might be a little tiring, but excellent financial prospects will become clearer for you and more enjoyable, which will pay for all the hardships. On Thursday is to reduce the intensive work and time for rest. On Friday, many problems will be resolved. Favorite people you will enjoy and love could inspire.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Moderate their ambitions. The less you desire, the more you can get. No doubt. All your dreams will come true. You just have to believe and wait.

Horoscope of health

Stars recommend you to moderate physical exercise – coupled with special attention towards their health. This week, representatives of your sign is very sensitive and can catch even the most mild symptoms, indicating that in body that something is wrong. Perhaps you did not notice. Well, congratulations – your body is in great shape. To keep it a little longer – try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Car horoscope

This week you better behind the wheel. Let you mess with their family or friends. If possible, get plenty of rest and less driving.

Horoscope of beauty

You can give a new perfume, jewelry or even a fur coat. If a loved one wants to treat you, do not give up. And trust his taste. The stars says he knows you well and will choose what's right for you.

Erotic horoscope

You flatly refuse to have sex without any additional incentives. Now, if your precious will be able to promise you a heavenly pleasure and something new to wear or Goodies a bonus then please. And if not – then no sex, no!

Jewelry horoscope

If you think you have tried all possible options, but was unable to achieve anything, be sure to get a product with sapphire. This mineral will help you to find new ways of dealing with difficulties. And get what you want.

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