Gemini. Horoscope for the current week



22 May - 21 Jun

From 14 янв to 20 янв

Business Horoscope

Financial situation this week will be stable. You will even be able to save up for a vacation or major purchase. Your ideas are not just creative, they bring income. Thursday may even need to make serious decisions in the financial sector.

Common horoscope

This coming week, according to the forecast of the stars, I will bring you a great mood and provide an opportunity for self-realization. Tuesday may be a favorable situation for the implementation of the business plans. Thursday, be careful not to miss the interesting ideas and trusted business partners. Loved one will be able to please you, you will be proud of. At the weekend the atmosphere in the house will be almost perfect.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Love will give you wings and a different vision of the world. This will allow you to look irresistible and attractive. You just bathe in the rays of mutual passion. And you can think about adding to the family.

Horoscope of health

In the coming days, the stars encourage you to reduce – minimize – the amount of salt and sugar. Your body will say "thank you", you pretty soon notice positive changes in your health. It is possible that by the end of the week you atvykite from salty and sweet to taste the true taste of dishes and products – and will not return everything to normal. However, even short periods of abstinence if they are all limited and - will be of benefit to you.

Car horoscope

This week you don't have to worry that you will be late because of traffic jams. You manage to miraculously not get hit or to go around on the streets, who know not all the drivers.

Horoscope of beauty

You do not need grueling diets to keep in shape. Excessive weight does not threaten you, if you are active and positive. And even better - have a passion. A whirlwind romance helps effortlessly lose a few pounds.

Erotic horoscope

The twins are now better enlightened spiritually and not tired of carnal love. Persuade your sweetheart's to visit your theatre, exhibition of paintings or photos or anything else in the same spirit. But after returning home, throw your partner some nice erotic surprise.

Jewelry horoscope

Sapphires in silver and that is what is best for you now and will be a great mascot in the coming days. Sapphire bestows harmony in love and harmony with themselves and with the outside world. Remember that happiness does not need to look far, it's within you.

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