Capricorn. Horoscope for the current week



22 Dec - 20 Jan

From 26 авг to 01 сен

Business Horoscope

Learn to keep secrets and not tell important information to those who don't know the details. Try not to spend the money on Wednesday and Thursday, and indeed stands to protect their income.

Common horoscope

Do not threaten global projects, pay attention to significant detail. This is an opportune moment to solve the accumulated problems. Try to avoid extremes and emotional outbursts, or in the beginning of the week, you may experience unexpected problems and friction in the family. Be careful when working with documents, securities and instruments. On Friday there will be events that will open you new opportunities in your profession, don't miss your chance.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Earlier in the week, do not exaggerate the significance of the words spoken to your address. Sweet recognition may not be very sincere. With passion, you will find yourself on the other hand, trust yourself and your feelings.

Horoscope of health

Dedicate this week to strengthen the muscles of a particular group, if you or your coach think you need to work particularly, or the entire body. For you, it is now important to move more – try to take at least six thousand steps on a daily basis; invest in a pedometer, it is a useful expenditure. Choose exercises you like and exercise, morning or evening. Try to stand in the bar – the results can be quite impressive.

Car horoscope

For the movement in space driving the car a good week just the same extremely. But do not tempt fate continuously, do not exceed speed and do not cross the double solid.

Horoscope of beauty

In recent days you seem to have behaved very selfishly towards the close. Of course, a need to care, but this does not mean that you can sacrifice the interests of others. Because when you are nervous due to a bad relationship, and I feel and look a lot worse than usual. Arrange a family dinner and settle all misunderstandings at once.

Erotic horoscope

You will face the dilemma what to choose: whether to partake of a quiet family happiness with a Cup of tea, or to jump into the deep end and look for adventure on his "fifth point"? However, according to the stars, a long range is not necessary that both will prove to be equally sweet...

Jewelry horoscope

Very likely, throughout this week your mood is not rosy. If you decide to buy new jewelry, you probably will regret the money spent, regardless of the value of the product. If you refuse to buy, will regret even more, imagining how good it would look on your arm with the same bracelet.

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