Capricorn. Horoscope for the current week



22 Dec - 20 Jan

From 14 янв to 20 янв

Business Horoscope

Your recent efforts will bear some fruit. In the first half of the week likely cash flows. Wednesday is not excluded conflicts and disputes at work.

Common horoscope

No stamps! A new perspective will allow you to formulate new ideas. In your power to change for the better relationships with others. Tuesday is better not to enter into disputes, they will not bring anything constructive. The environment is favorable trips and business trips that will be very successful. This weekend don't forget about people, try to give them more time.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Events this week will develop is unpredictable, therefore, in any situation behave modestly and decently, even if you are sure that no one sees you. In his personal life is a lull, but not for long.

Horoscope of health

You can "pribolet" - in your opinion, that your indisposition is not serious and does not require the attention of a doctor. You sure know how to be treated – after all, these symptoms are already had you in the past and was successfully defeated. However, the stars say that the Amateur you are not worth it. A conflict may occur between drugs of different groups – and you will provoke the problem, much more serious than the one you were trying to solve.

Car horoscope

Try this week in any situation to maintain composure. Even if other drivers do not behave too properly. In the end, let them nervous. And you are all well.

Horoscope of beauty

Your skin still needs close attention. Be sure to clean it morning and night, use nourishing creams. Makeup rinse micellar water. And enrich your diet fruit salads for Breakfast or dinner.

Erotic horoscope

Capricorn this week attracted men from Eastern countries, except for very dark-haired and with dark eyes. But if you are lucky, and on your way you will meet curly brunette with blue or green eyes – immediately utaskivaet it in a secluded area and begin to take turns to use all your tricks on seduction!

Jewelry horoscope

Rubin – "a bunch of hot dragon's blood" as it was called Indian magicians, good choice this week. Because he is, strengthening the nervous system, help get rid of insomnia. Besides, ruby is considered to be the talisman that bestows strength and power. So to solve the problems that have caused you stress that led to the insomnia, you will also be able with the help of this stone.

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