Capricorn. Horoscope for the current week



22 Dec - 20 Jan

From 14 окт to 20 окт

Business Horoscope

Tuesday will be successful business meetings and negotiations. In the second half of the week may be unforeseen costs. On Friday friends may come interesting business proposals that should be considered.

Common horoscope

The situation that will develop this week, may provoke you to dispute with your colleagues and even superiors. Try to have a philosophical attitude to it and to turn the debate into a fascinating conversation. Forget about lying on the couch watching TV. You just need a meeting with friends and active rest. Watch your speech, inadvertently dropped the word threatens to be successfully used by your detractors.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Your partner in the fight for your attention a competitor, and this week he will win. Most likely, it's a job, and although enthusiasm, this situation will not cause any specific problems also will not do. But if the reason your employment to something less harmless, hold on. The flash of jealousy cannot be avoided.

Horoscope of health

Try to increase the amount of vegetables and greens in the diet. Don't forget about other gifts of nature are currently available - they diversify your menu and provide your body with the necessary vitamins.

Car horoscope

We'll stay Monday anywhere outside the driver's seat, and then will be able to drive, not too worried about my luck. Traffic lights, as if on cue, will light for you green light.

Horoscope of beauty

It's time you go out. Running in a circle work-home-work is threatened by depression. So go to a gallery opening or a movie premiere, go to visit. Just don't get carried away with alcoholic cocktails, otherwise the memories of the fun will be spoiled a strong headache the next morning.

Erotic horoscope

The auditory information channel, that will bring representatives of your zodiac sign the sought-after satisfaction. You will be surprised how thin you react to the slightest change in the tone and pace of voice of your loved one – and how hoarse whisper can you make...

Jewelry horoscope

You will benefit everything that is somehow connected with the sea. Sea travel as a vacation for body and soul, pictures of marine painters as a rest for the eyes, wear Navy blue (the blue and green shades) and, of course, aquamarine to make jewelry. By the way, it helps in finding new friends and strengthening our time-tested relationships.

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