Capricorn. Horoscope for the current week



22 Dec - 20 Jan

From 24 июн to 30 июн

Business Horoscope

Financial situation is stable. The available funds will purchase the necessary, but don't get carried away and not throw money. It is advisable to invest in the education of children and self-education.

Common horoscope

This week you will have to adjust their plans. It is not necessary to overwork at work. Otherwise you'll hang a lot of extra jobs. On Friday, certain obligations can force you to take on an unusual case: don't worry, you will succeed. On Saturday be careful what you say and do not discuss friends and colleagues behind their backs.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Your behavioral style can be somewhat confusing and cheerleaders loved one. Keep it simple and people to reach for you. However, quite naive, too, seem not to be. Luck will come only to those who find a middle ground. Tuesday and Friday – the best time for meetings.

Horoscope of health

In the coming days you should keep the liver. Try to avoid steps that could hurt her. Stars recommend you to completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages – and in General, to eat right, avoiding fatty, pickled dishes. If you need to take potent medications, be mindful of signals from your body.

Car horoscope

The week promises to distinct troubles. Only on Thursday and Saturday be careful, there may be problems with Parking. Also makes sense to check once more the condition of the brake system of your car.

Horoscope of beauty

It seems that throughout this week you will constantly have somewhere to invite, to ask for advice, to persuade to come to the party... Keep in mind: all at once it is impossible to please, so don't even try. Agree only to those proposals that you are really interested in, and from all others resolutely refuse. Why do you need this flickering events and persons?

Erotic horoscope

Capricorns will feel like real budgies in a cage and the freedom to be seen, and doldonit the same make: "I love you, I want you". To overcome the confusion caused by these negative feelings towards the partner, try to spend some time with him... total strangers! Forget what his name is, where to start and how to finish... and in General, forget about everything!

Jewelry horoscope

You this week, apparently, will have to give more time to those who are in need of attention. Most likely, they are elderly relatives and kids. In fact, and in another case of patience and friendliness will help malachite is a talisman that helps people nice to chat, even knowing about the numerous disadvantages of the interlocutor. And not too each other to be offended, even if there is.

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