Cancer. Horoscope for the current week



22 Jun - 23 Jul

From 18 мрт to 24 мрт

Business Horoscope

The financial situation does not inspire fear. Thursday can do interesting suggestion about the job or qualification, which is worth to think seriously, it promises good prospects. Likely good luck in your business because of your talents.

Common horoscope

You need to strengthen your credibility and protect your reputation. Try to talk less and listen more. Don't try and impose your opinion, you will only alienate supporters. At the beginning of the week, your daring designs and new ideas will be marked by superiors, and as a result you can expect a promotion. On Thursday, it will be necessary to deal with incomplete paperwork, don't send them indefinitely. Sunday will have to deal with the accumulated problems of the younger generation.

Horoscope "Family, love"

For your loved one, it may occur serious trials of life, so do not take to heart the hurtful words expressed in your address. Try to help him in this situation. This will bring you closer together.

Horoscope of health

In the framework of this week may increase your meteopathy – stars say, you should be careful with food and drinks that can affect your blood pressure. For example, it is recommended to completely abandon the coffee – alas, have to Wake yourself contrast washings, it is safer. Try as much as possible to walk and to dangerous periods to arrange a fasting days, drink herbal infusions and take vitamin complexes with trace elements.

Car horoscope

If you this week will not be too careful and attentive when driving at a decent speed, it can in the next month to count on a significant discount at your favorite service station. Especially it is necessary to be afraid of open hatches and similar dimensions of the irregularities of the asphalt.

Horoscope of beauty

If you instead of sugary sodas you drink Yerba mate or white tea, it will only benefit. And less chips and burgers. Now it is better to eat simple and low-fat food. Could be a problem with the skin. Then try the natural care masks and gels for washing.

Erotic horoscope

"Put a man in front of him on his knees" – in all seriousness suggest Cancers astrologers. And not just, but clearly visible target: let him examine your landscape and describe it for science. So go ahead: five minutes examines two minutes describes aloud, and then again in a way – to conquer the hills, pits and channels...

Jewelry horoscope

This week, representatives of your sign should refrain from purchasing new jewelry. Better wear something that have been lying in your jewelry box. For example, jewelry with pearls. Now that is the mineral that will strengthen your immune system and the nervous system.

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