Cancer. Horoscope for the current week



22 Jun - 23 Jul

From 24 июн to 30 июн

Business Horoscope

Need to economize their cash resources then in the second half of the week you will rejoice their foresight. Income will increase, but it will happen gradually.

Common horoscope

Everything will be all right. Take no offense to criticism in your address, listen to them. It is quite possible to find constructive ideas and they could come in handy. On Wednesday you can count on the help of friends. Friday will be held successfully a business meeting, as tact and sincerity will allow you to skillfully cope with the tasks. I more often in a pleasant company, informal meetings and contacts can be very useful.

Horoscope "Family, love"

To preserve the relationship, is to compromise. In your power to make it more than reasonable. Tuesday - good day for non-business meetings. Just watch your words, less criticism. Friday's meeting may trigger unexpectedly strong feelings and be the beginning of a new novel.

Horoscope of health

In the coming days, neat should be representatives of the sign, which for health reasons are forced to take many different medications. Not all medicines combine well with each other – and that can be a problem. Discuss the situation with your doctor, maybe some pills it is better to replace. But absolutely do not experiment with pills without specialist.

Car horoscope

Do not exceed speed and do not try to pass everyone in the stream. And then the week will pass smoothly and without trouble on the road. And don't forget to wash the car and clean the interior.

Horoscope of beauty

This week threatens to bring solid doubts and insecurities, and their actions. The stars advise you not to think but to do. Just go to the store and buy the first pants and shirt. And then it turns out that they look great in the kit.

Erotic horoscope

Because your loving energy potential is strikingly different from the potential of your partner (and not in his favor), then you'll have to satisfy yourself. However, this activity can be very diversified. For example, make yourself the heroine of erotic tales about Snow white and the seven dwarfs...

Jewelry horoscope

Representatives of the sign, a long time wishing to get rid of any bad habit this week is to acquire the amulet of amethyst. This stone will strengthen your resolve and add willpower. However, it is not necessary to accept amethyst as a gift from members of the opposite sex.

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