Cancer. Horoscope for the current week



22 Jun - 23 Jul

From 14 окт to 20 окт

Business Horoscope

On Monday, the desire to be economical, can play a cruel joke with you, remember that the avaricious pays twice. On Tuesday you can count on the long-awaited cash flow, which is significant. On Sunday you seem to have to work. But it will pay you well.

Common horoscope

This week promises to be emotionally intense and rich in events. Your dreams will get support and the chance to be. You need to use the moment to show off their talents. Try to be wiser, learn to remain silent and to find a compromise. Tuesday will be a good beginning of new business and development projects in science and business. Saturday, visit an exhibition or a concert, enrich myself with new experiences. Be kind to your loved ones, show them in deed and not just words, you appreciate them and love.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Monday your personal plans can be realized exactly in your favor. On Wednesday there may be some differences in the relationship with your loved one, however, it is possible that this dispute is born is important for both of you the truth.

Horoscope of health

This week, you would do well to increase their physical activity – acting on the mind. No need to rush with the bat. Training should be preceded by a thorough warm up it during training, you can injure not only the muscles but also the joints. To finish you need a good, full hitch. Do not regret the time spent performing exercises. Improving health, improving overall health is a good reward.

Car horoscope

You can visit an irresistible urge to ride. Yielding to him, you, on the one hand, enjoy themselves, on the other - will bring pleasure to those who will be waiting for you with radar. Do you need tickets?

Horoscope of beauty

You can not count calories, just keep an active lifestyle. At work do not sit idly by after work go for a date or to dance in the club. And don't refuse a delicious cake or fruit dessert.

Erotic horoscope

Cancers astrological forecast is for partly cloudy weather, sometimes rain, as well as the growing night the winds of change. It is possible that now you want to cry about their failed sex life is ruined at the root of your current lover. Although it is likely that he was not long to be current...

Jewelry horoscope

It would be nice to find time and finally bring order to your collection of jewelry. Agree, shame for a long time not to wear a favorite bracelet due to the fact that you did not get to reach the jewelry shop and pay to fix the clasp. Besides, some of your treasure, surely it is time to clean. Also, try this time not only to lay out the decorations on the boxes, but and to maintain order.

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