Aries. Horoscope for the current week



21 Mar - 20 Apr

From 20 янв to 26 янв

Business Horoscope

In the first half of the week it is advisable to deal with accumulated paperwork, chipping and then it makes no sense. Thursday is favorable for small acquisitions, preferably of the past. Probable cash flows in the second half of the week.

Common horoscope

Your strength, skills and abilities will be fully in demand. But you seem too mired in the details and particulars to notice. Know them gradually, it is not necessary to arrange the permanent labor watch. You may be drawn to the exploits and escapades, these impulses better. Started on Friday, should be on Friday and finished, that it is impossible to fit in one day, it is better to postpone for the future. Household chores at the weekend will only enhance your mood.

Horoscope "Family, love"

In personal life, potential disturbances, not only pleasant. Not looking for solitude, it will not bring the desired relief. The winner of the situation will be the one who will be more patience. Wednesday is a great day for reconciliation and conversation.

Horoscope of health

You can ache, if you are inattentive to their health. Stars recommend you to strengthen the immune system – moving forward in small, careful steps, not bending the stick. More useful to walk – definitely dressed for the weather, hypothermia for representatives of your sign is dangerous. You can take complex vitamins. Listen to the signals your body and do not hesitate to contact the doctor if something is troubling you.

Car horoscope

The current week is great for drive. And I want to say - could not be better. Though, alas, even in these good days a chance to get caught up in the story always remains. Slow down before the Zebra.

Horoscope of beauty

You took a rapid start, feeling a strong desire to quickly get rid of the effects of the new year celebrations, have left their mark on the waist. Commendable, but not if you are too zealous? Indeed, apart from gyms, swimming pools and massage parlors there is a great variety of interesting and useful classes. Give yourself a break. Take a walk with friends, go to the rink with children.

Erotic horoscope

The stars foretell Aries that in the next few days they can become a victim of intrigues by their loved ones or those in heavily stuffed. It is not excluded that similar interest to your person is associated not with the overwhelming desire to drag you to bed, and with "military secrets", access to which you have. Or even high position permanent partner whom someone wants to be able to blackmail...

Jewelry horoscope

It is not excluded that this week you will notice that the pearls in your favorite decoration were yellow. This may be due to the fact that lately you have constantly felt negative emotions, annoyed, and poured out his frustration on the whole world. Pearl helps a person to overcome such problems, but if the internal tension in which the owner lives, is too great, to stone him "can not stand" and aging.

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