Aquarius. Horoscope for the current week



21 Jan - 19 Feb

From 17 фев to 23 фев

Business Horoscope

The financial position will be difficult, especially if you have a mortgage or a car loan. It would be good to cut your spending. It could be a taxes and banks. Check whether you have paid on time.

Common horoscope

You may find that you are confused with the situation in his personal life. You need peace and quiet for self-understanding. Probably a promotion or a trip abroad. Don't turn away from helping your friends, your strength and capabilities are not limitless. Try not to give a pretext for a quarrel at work and in the family. Remember, your world in ways you create yourself, treat yourself gently.

Horoscope "Family, love"

Romance this week will be the meaning of your life. They will give you the confidence and optimism. But don't get too immersed in this novel. After all, there is more to life work, friends, Hobbies. The light is not converged wedge on one person.

Horoscope of health

You can easily catch a cold if you don't begin to take into account weather conditions and learn to dress in accordance with them. Now for you not so dangerous hypothermia, overheating – the stars say for you it would be best to choose something familiar is easier than to wrap up. Pay special attention to the shoes – your feet should stay dry. Prevention can start taking vitamins but don't overdo it, otherwise, do not exclude an allergic reaction.

Car horoscope

Despite the relatively higher likelihood of dangerous situations on the road, the week in General very well suited for travel. Just avoid large puddles, especially unfamiliar and not too good frozen. On their day can hide something very unpleasant.

Horoscope of beauty

Pay attention to clothes orange and purple shades. Just keep in mind: so bright colors do not combine with lots of accessories. But slash cut or asymmetry will look advantageous.

Erotic horoscope

Choose with your heart a few other sexy gadgets – let it become your joint imagination. By the way, this is best done not in the store and in the catalog or on the website of the company that sells this kind of products. You will have the chance to think, "how can that be" – and there to practice hand.

Jewelry horoscope

Wear a pink mother of pearl or rose quartz. These stones are delicate flowers is perfect for you. Because you now need peace, not noise, privacy, and not tedious communication.

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