Taurus. Horoscope for 16 Aug 2019



21 Apr - 21 May

16 Aug 2019

🌟 Common horoscope

Today you should not expose yourself to stress, both physical and emotional. The fee for this dubious pleasure may be too high.

💋 Erotic horoscope

Taurus today attracts shiny things, including jewelry. So, your sexuality will emphasize transparent stones mounted in precious metals like gold and platinum. By the way, the jewelry you can substitute sequins or Swarovski crystals, or select a shimmering silver and gold fabric...

🎭 Harmful horoscope

Today is a great day to make new friends. Because the old are all less likely to borrow. And don't really want to hear about your problems, referring to the fact that you tell them this is not the first time. But for the new friends your complaints are new, and they will listen with interest.

💸 Business Horoscope

You fell again so many responsibilities that you and methodically to dig them, separating the wheat from the chaff, and the important from the unimportant. Try to do your best in order to solve this problem day to the maximum.

🏊 Horoscope of health

Today stars recommend Tauruses to remember that in this world there is such a wonderful plant like garlic which is the best cure for a fairly large number of troubles, starting with colds, vampires ending. However, with new acquaintances, too, will not develop.

🌮 Cooking horoscope

Today cooking give all of himself without reserve and reductions in the need for a personal life. Tedious, but the result will exceed all expectations.

❤ Love horoscope

Today the best advice regarding love Affairs will give you a representative of the older generation who enjoys your trust and respect. Well, not for nothing is: if you listen to what he says, your relationship with your loved one will quickly improve!

📱 Mobile horoscope

If today you will be very bad - can complain to his cell phone on his heavy and seemingly failed life. Perhaps he will understand you and maybe even some answers.

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