Sagittarius. Horoscope for 16 Aug 2019



23 Nov - 21 Dec

16 Aug 2019

🌟 Common horoscope

Today everything will be so smooth that it might be useful to step by step record a sequence of your actions in order to be able to reproduce them in the future, with hope for an equally brilliant result.

💋 Erotic horoscope

Even if your partner will not now insist on sex or hint at it, still a couple of intimate caresses today will not be superfluous. It is not necessary to bring matters to a victorious enchanting complete: it may be your partner and do not need. But the erotic attention he will be very pleased.

🎭 Harmful horoscope

The world begins to show excessive sluggishness, torpor and rigidity bordering on cruelty in those places where he refers to living human organisms. So be a constant source of chaos and destruction and all sorts of standards and principles. It will pay off and will bring you not only a lot of joy, but the happy certainty that your descendants will be much more interesting to be lived.

💸 Business Horoscope

Today, everything depends on how correctly and efficiently you have established a business relationship with your business partners. This is especially true of those working in the field of construction and lending. If you have something to improve, and engage.

🏊 Horoscope of health

On this day, the stars recommend Sagittarians to pay attention to the prevention of diseases of the eye and also to take care of your heart. Especially it is necessary to find preventive measures for those who became noted some deterioration.

🌮 Cooking horoscope

Today you have the wave a real chance to get almost everything that you just might want to eat. Which is certainly nice, however, is fraught with some problems. Quite difficult will be to convince yourself to stop when another half rasprobovali desirable as it should not be. You are strongly advised not to appear in places where there is a buffet, salad bar and other menu items.

❤ Love horoscope

Today stars recommend you to get pleasure from every minute spent together. Yes, their output will be quite a lot, but even then. what a lot, has an unpleasant come to an end. Take care of your happiness, don't let it pass you by unnoticed.

📱 Mobile horoscope

Today you are able to talk to every single one of them managed to get through. So don't be surprised if suddenly all your friends unexpectedly will start to appear insanely urgent and pressing business.

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